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NEW CLASS: Robotic Toy Design—Spinning Top Launchers

NEW CLASS: Robotic Toy Design—Spinning Top Launchers

July 3 from 1.00pm-2.30pm at Tūranga

Location: This session will run in the computer labs on Auahatanga | Creativity (level four) at Tūranga

Session Length: 90 minutes

Price: $17 for a student working individually on a robot, $25.50 for two students sharing a robot

Give making a robotic toy a spin! Create a robot that uses LEGO motors and sensors to fulfill an entertaining purpose. Join Imagination Station to learn how to turn a simple concept into a heap of fun!

Learn how many toys that we use today make use of robotics to work the way they do. In this class, students will make use of coding concepts to get their spinning tops up to speed and detect when they want to release them.

We recommend this class to students aged 5-8. Students do not require any prior experience with LEGO robotics, but this class is a great next step if they have already completed our My First Robotics.

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