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Robotic Toy Design—Useless Boxes

Useless box doing its thing

Time(s): May 26 from 1.30pm-3.00pm

Location: This session will run in Spark Place on He Hononga | Connection (ground level) at Tūranga

Session Length: 90 minutes

Price: $17 for a student working individually on a robot, $25.50 for two students sharing a robot

Unlock your creativity by using robotics to design toys! Create a robot that uses LEGO motors and sensors to read and respond to user input. Join Imagination Station to learn how to turn simple concepts into a fun surprise! Learn how coding and robotics can be the basis for many toys which you may have already experienced and not realised are robots. In this class, we go over the use of more in-depth coding concepts, such as making use of random number generators and defining your own code blocks. 

For this session, it is recommended that younger students have prior experience with Scratch programming. (Students under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult.)

 Imagination Station does not supervise students between classes, this is the responsibility of the parent/caregiver. Some courses may be run in multiple locations. Please check individual session listings carefully for details.

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